What Not To Eat: A Repost

Monday 27th October 2008

How to make Stewed Mother

You will need:
October 2 129
Dried-up Horlicks
Golden syrup
Filter coffee
Vitamin pills (yes, my heart stopped at the sight of those too)
Strawberry Nesquik
Chicken Cup-a-soup

October 2 128
Chocolate sauce

October 2 127
Strawberry sauce
Four individual sachets of sugar
A potato peeler (NOTE: not a knife, because everybody knows Mum goes ballistic at the sight of you using a knife. So a potato peeler is sooo much better...)

Stir it together until it looks like this:
October 2 132

Then make sure you track through as much of it as possible so the mixture can be evenly distributed throughout the house:
October 2 131

(Thankfully the recipe ends here - I caught them before they worked out how to turn the oven on, or before they ate any of it. Although in hindsight, maybe that was a bad thing - maybe it would have cured them from ever stepping foot in the kitchen again...)


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