My Inspiration

My children really are so inspirational to me.
I spend so much of my day being overwhelmed by my responsibilities that I find it difficult to prioritise and know exactly what to do next. When every room is filled with clutter and unfinished jobs, which one should I do first? And where in the room do I start?
Thankfully my little team of helpers are always at hand to help me think clearly. I may put off mopping the kitchen floor for days, but suddenly when my three-year-old climbs into the fridge and tips part of a smoothie carton into a cup and the rest onto the floor, the decision becomes clear – I must get that floor cleaned NOW.
I spend lots of time folding and ironing their clothes but sometimes I keep getting distracted before I can actually put it away. It can sit in a pile for days until a particularly boisterious game of pirates means it gets toppled over and trampled on. Somehow the sight of all that clean laundry besmirched on the floor means I have no problem finding the time to refold it all and get it away in the right drawers, no matter how loud the baby cries or how near to tea time it is.
I often ask myself questions like ‘I wonder if it’s essential to spend time cleaning the toilet every single day? Surely that takes up lots of time doing the same thing over and over again when there are so many other jobs to do?’ Then I happen to go into the bathroom at the same time as one of my sons is using the toilet. And I realise that time cleaning the receptacle is definitely not wasted time. In fact, I should be cleaning it more times a day. And the floor, walls and everything else in a few metres’ radius around the toilet too.
You see how it works? What a blessing they are to a clouded, indecisive mind such as my own.

My children really are the reason I get up every morning.
Because I dread to think what they’d get up to if I didn’t.


  1. Never a truer word spoken.

    Mars xxx

  2. you are an amazing, fantastic Mummy. You have a beautiful way of taking the mundane, putting it into words and making me smile. You are inspirational xxxx

  3. Oh Esther! You're genius!! That gave me a proper belly chuckle, and reminds me again how inspriring YOU are! Brilliant, brilliant woman!

  4. Oh how I love them ALL xx

  5. Fabulous post which has so many echoes of my life!


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