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Bible In One Year

Last January I was chatting to someone who had had a really rough year. We were chatting about the tough situations she had faced, many of which were still not resolved, but at the end of the conversation, her face lit up. “There is one thing that I’m really proud of though,” she said, as she got out her phone to show me. “I managed to read the whole bible and never once missed a day, even with all that going on.” She showed me her bible app, with an unbroken streak of 365 days. As she told me about how much it had helped her cope with everything else that had happened, and how it had kept her perspective healthy, I felt inspired. She had every excuse to have not even tried that with the year she’d had, but it became one of her highlights. 

When I got home from church that afternoon, I thought “I want that to be me this time next year.” I couldn’t forget the joy in her face as she’d told me about it, and I realised it had been a long time since I’d read the bible from start to finish i…

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