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This Time of Year

I have this weird things with dates and events. They stick in my head and take up room whether I want them to or not. If there’s something significant - good or bad - that happens one year, then that date will still be in my head for the year after and my subconscious will automatically gear me up for it whether there’s something there or not.  I usually don’t have to look at a calendar to experience this. Something on an unconscious level must be tuned into the changing smells of different seasons, or the shifting angles of light throughout the year. My emotions and memories start going places before I’ve had chance to realise what’s going on. I realised this last year in September when my thoughts and feelings were going haywire and began to ask what had previously happened in mid-Septembers to make me feel this way. Um, it turned out to be a LOT.  It should’ve been a great time of year for our family as it’s when we celebrated our double birthday. The twins were born on September 16

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