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'Tis the Season to be Brave

  Last year we pottered along at Christmas, doing things the way we usually did. For my household, that's waking up together, opening stockings, then some presents, having cinnamon rolls for breakfast, going to church, having Christmas dinner at either my parents or my in-laws, then swapping for the afternoon and opening the relevant presents, and finally ending up at my brother's house in the evening with all my siblings for more presents and games till very late. This is why I never watch TV on Christmas Day - with five locations to be at and thirty people to see, it doesn't even feature. There was a moment last year though that was different to any we'd had before. We were at my brother's house at the end of the day and we'd swapped most of the presents and had all our "Oooo," and "Oh, wow, thankyou!" moments as we'd each opened our gifts. Then my sister and brother-in-law, who'd waited till last, started handing out theirs. The li

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