A Review: Abby Scott

I have a wonderful, very talented and musical cousin called Abby. She brought out her debut album a few months ago and it is really actually very good. I’m not saying that just because I’m biased (which obviously I am) but also because it is really actually very good.
If you’d like to see and hear for yourself, her website is www.abbyscottmusic.com and she’s on Facebook too.
It’s got some really funky contemporary songs with pithy, to-the-point lyrics, some amazing make-you-want-to-cry soulful ballads, and – here’s what I love the most – some songs about REAL love. Not "I’ve just met you but I’m going to kill myself if I can’t be with you" drama queen type love, but the everyday, lasting, committed-to-each-other, stable type love. There are just not enough of these in the world, in my humble opinion.
Those are my thoughts on it, but in case you need any more convincing to check her out, here are some rave reviews it has received in our own vehicle:
‘I like this music, it’s kind of, hmm, yeah, cool.’
‘ Mummy, this song makes me feel all happy. It’s all about different colours and makes me think of Bonfire night.’ (Rosy)

'Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh.........' (That's the sound of a ten month old joining in with music she likes) (Fly Me Away)
‘WAAAH! I don’t want to go to school!’
‘Why not?’
‘Because I want to listen to the rest of the song!!!’ (Reconsider)

And: ‘Mummy, can you put it on song number four?’ (Fool)
‘No buddy, I’ve changed it for a Christmas CD.’
‘But I want to listen to number four!’
‘I can put it on track four but it’s not the right CD so it will be a different song.’
‘Can I hear it?’
(Song goes on)
‘This is the wrong song!!! Grrr! When will Christmas be finished?’
So there you have it folks.
Abby Scott. Better than Christmas.


  1. Fan-tastic!!! Your boys could give simon cowell a run for his money with gems like that!! xxx


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