~~~Thankyou so very very very much. I am so grateful for the people we have in our lives who are willing to take time out to find out what’s happening in our world, to pray about it and to give words of encouragement and empathy. It makes a hugely massive difference, it really does. Some days I can almost feel it carrying me. I can't say it enough - thankyou.~~~

On a different note.......
Turtle came and asked me what a word was the other day – ‘I can’t remember what it is’, he said. ‘Is it demented?’
‘What are you trying to say?’ I asked.
‘It’s a word for people who are at home a lot, like you.’
‘Domesticated?’ I ventured.
‘Yes, that’s it!’ he skipped back to write it down.
Leaving me behind to contemplate the difference.


  1. I'm not sure he was far off! lol

  2. Be assured that Terry Ali and me are all praying for you. We just don't have anything sensible or useful to say. We just read and weep for you all. I marvel at your strength and the love that you have for everyone one of your beautiful brood. God knew what he was doing when he put you and Richard together. Be loved and blessed by everyone of your avid readers. xx ps I like to think that you have to be demented to be domesticated

  3. Another laugh out loud moment!! I seem to forget to check in on the crazy world of the Scholes' as much as I'd like to and then end up devouring whole chunks of your discourse in one sitting. In fact, right now, Phil and I sit side by side catching up on the neverending rollercoaster that is your lives, and wishing we could play a more active part in it!
    Sending loads of love, not only for sharing your lives so much with us, but for bringing smiles and laughter to our faces while you do it!
    Beth and Phil xxx


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