Confessions of a Pro

Here's some stuff that you think I'd have worked out by now. I'm not sure if it's reassuring to other, newer parents, or just scares them about their own future, but today I felt the need to confess that after ten and half years of parenting five very different children, I have never managed to work out.... to cook a meal (I could actually just put a fullstop there, but I’ll carry on...) without having a small person hanging on me or crying at me or destroying something that they shouldn’t have been playing with that I sacrificed to them for the sake of a few moments of quiet. to tidy up properly while the kids are in the house without getting REALLY stressed out at them or using the TV to make them zone out while I work around them. I usually settle for untidy-but-nice-to-be-with mummy over grumpy-but-tidy mummy, and as a result we live in happy chaos. to remember everything we need every time we go out. I feel like I bring a kitchen sink with me wherever I go, but I inevitably forget the obvious things like tissues, or a change of clothes for a toilet-training child, or drinks on a hot day, or coats on a rainy day, or cash for a place that doesn’t take cards. to get anywhere on time AND clear up behind us on the way out. It can only be one or the other.

...who sat in which seat in the car last time we went somewhere and whose turn it is to sit in the front/middle/back this time. If I cared about it as passionately as the kids do, I’d make a laminated rota to make all our lives simpler. But I just don’t.

...remembering to really actually check the appearance of every child before we arrive at our destination. I’m usually so happy to have got them all where we are going that only as we enter the door do I realise that someone has jam on his face, someone else has yesterday’s dirty t-shirt on again, another has shoes on the wrong feet, and the toddler has no shoes on at all due to the quickfire motion I used to wrestle her into the car after she tried to escape from the house in the wrong direction. to say no to a child who wants to be read to.


  1. to shop properly for everyone, I pride myself coming home with 72 bags of various things including enough washing powder for 3 years but then realise that there's nothing for the school lunchboxes and have to go back again... (usually more than once too) :o)

    1. Yes! (Although I skip the shops part and just order online instead, so when I realised what I've forgotten, at least it's my first trip to the shops and not my second) :)

  2. :) sounds fairly normal to me ;) xxx

  3. First one ~ check, Second one ~ check, third one ~ check, fourth one ~ half check (I'm a stickler for clearing up behind us), fifth ~ check (although I got tough on that and we don't move seats about now!), sixth ~ hmmm ~ appearance matters to me more than it should, so if I'm in charge of leaving they are neat and respectable, but if Paul is in charge they are probably going to be jumper-less (and maybe shoeless) & have holes in their jeans - in SNOW!!

    So all in all ~ not so dissimilar over here ;D

  4. forgot the reading ~ they don't ask me much ~ I just nod off!! ;D

  5. Sounds like your in a very normal house, anything more organised they call it the army!!!

  6. Happy chaos is totally normal! I miss those crazy school days when I would have a friends four children with my two for breakfast and we always lost a shoe before we left for school. We still have 'MYO' (make your own) dinners as a treat (when I have forgotten to organise dinner) or 'fridge raiding' dinners when we make the best dinner we can with whatever is sat in the fridge because once again I have forgotten to plan/organise/buy dinner!
    Thanks Esther for you honesty - Bless You xx

  7. Astute as ever and put beautifully

  8. I always forget to remind them to do 'Last minute wees'


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