We've done it. We've moved back in, with some rooms beautifully decorated and so lovely to be in, and others still full of boxes and bags that need sorting out. Sometimes it feels wonderful that we've done it, and other times I wonder what the heck we're doing.

We successfully got three boys to school last week. I am so glad I am able to take three boys where three boys used to be, even if one of the boys is different. I'm glad that in the busyness of trying to remember an old routine, and buying new things to take and wear, and worrying about a four year old who doesn't often settle in new places, that there isn't much time to wallow in memories of a boy who loved school so much and was last there fourteen months ago, running and playing with his friends. Busyness is a wonderful companion to grief.

Rocky was fine. He saw the computer screens and went straight in, only temporarily annoyed that he wasn't going to be with his brothers all day, and reported when he came home that apart from eating his lunch, he did nothing all morning. Funny, that's what they all used to do in KS1 - "nothing", along with an occasional bit of "I can't remember".

Ace has been doing really well - apparently he watches the clock for most of the afternoon, counting down till home time, but for a kid who doesn't do sitting still, concentrating or written work very well, I'm really proud of him. He's trying hard, and got 'Star of the Week' last week.

Turtle came out on the first day telling me that he was House Captain and Year 6 representative on the school council. "Um, how many hours have you been back, son?" was my response. He also got 'Star of the Week' for his class, and is charging at every challenge that comes along in a way I've never seen him do before.

I know we have a long term ahead, and no doubt the work will get harder and their initial enthusiasm will wear off, but I am breathing a BIG sigh of relief that there is no doubt that taking last year off school was the best decision for all of us. I think they've grown in confidence and character despite (perhaps because of?) everything that has happened, and their approach to life is so different since they were last at school.

And now my head is all in a tizz again as, having crossed that huge milestone, Turtle then casually hands me the paperwork entitled 'Secondary School Admissions' and I realise we have only a few weeks to make another monumental decision about our children's future - yikes!!


  1. Ah yes. September. The Autumn term and the spectre of Y7. Happy days!

    Love and kisses to you (I've got one going back for his 2nd year at University, 1 doing her A2s, 1 has discovered a gift for physics... I'll be no help there then and the WWs are learning about chocolate).

    Mars xx

  2. Esther/Richard, I'm so glad the boys are settling in, and excelling! Praise God, He is awesome :) Love Si/Jen/Josh x x

  3. God is so good. He truly holds you all in his never-changing embrace.
    I am so deeply glad to read this wonderful news.
    As always, LOVE to you all xxxxxx

  4. So glad their first few days have gone so well :D That really is good news. Hopefully it will mean you have time to get those last boxes & bags sorted! I will be praying for you as you think about secondary ~ but do remember, that just because you fill in the enrolment forms doesn't mean you are committed to him going. I enrolled Jake in Brine Leas and never sent him. In fact, me being me, I left it so late to tell them he wasn't coming that, according to his school-friends, they read his name out on the register for two weeks!! Eventually I dropped a note in at reception to put them in the picture (with profuse apology for being so slack!) ;D No issue ~ no come-back!


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