Plodding On

I really REALLY wanted to be able to write a GOOD update this week but it’s not happening yet. Scooby’s seizures are the worst they’ve ever been, so he is either awake and shaking or drugged up and asleep. Our amazing neurologist is working every day, even when she’s not supposed to be working, at finding the right combination of drugs to stabilise him but with every drug change comes more drowsiness and so far we haven’t seen anything other than the rescue medicine (which knocks him out even further) work to stop his shaking for very short periods of time.

Today, he couldn’t even keep his eyes open as the muscles in his eyes were going crazy and he couldn’t focus on anything visually. The only thing Richard could do with him was read to him because he couldn’t watch a DVD or see someone doing his magazines or sticker books. I’m grateful that he’s far too drowsy to really think about what’s happening at the moment.

(Scooby sleeping and the things that keep me going inbetween)

Home is an amazing place to be and I’m so glad that we split our week into half because what gets drained out of us at hospital gets revitalised from being at home (housework, paperwork and the laundry mountain not included). Here’s some of the uplifting beauty I get to engage with three and a half days a week.

Now you don't know whether to feel sorry for us or jealous of us, do you? ;)

God is good.


  1. xxx***hugs and prayers***xxx

  2. Thinking of you and praying for you all! Give Scooby my love. COME ON TEAM SCHOLES!!!! Lots of love. Lisa Leigh xxx

  3. Something good will happen, it must............strength, love and hugs to you all.
    Triplets xx

  4. I'm a friend of Pam Wiedman's and will pray for your family, especially Scooby. I will also take Scooby's need to my prayer groups. Phillipians 4:6&7


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