The Lessons of Summer

How was your summer? We had good bits and bad bits. Well, only one bad bit really (unless you count the general bad bits that comes as part and parcel of motherhood – the brotherly tensions, the disciplining, the grouchy moments both from them and me, etc, but we are allowed to forget those bits and focus on the good bits because it is our parental right). Scooby is worse again and is becoming more and more limited in what he can do. I’ll do a separate post about that soon but this one is to tell you what our summer, with its many good bits and its big bad bit helped us to decide.

 It reminded me how much I love being with my children and how I prefer to be with them than ferrying them off to different places all the time.

It showed me that all five of them seem to flourish when given more time at home, balanced with meaningful activity and routine, including proper nap times, play times and brain-engaging times.

It removed from me the sick feeling I’ve had every morning for over a year when I woke up dreading a day full of overwhelming responsibility and chaotic to-ing and fro-ing and the resulting tantrums and stress.

It proved to me (possibly for the first time ever) that if I really set my mind to it, I CAN follow a set routine and fit far more into my day as a result AND enjoy it at the same time.

It looked a little bit like this (brotherly tensions, disciplining and grouchy moments both from them and me have been edited from this video):

It was fun, it was purposeful, it stretched our knowledge, character and imaginations, and we didn’t want it to end.

So we’ve decided it won’t.

Welcome to our new venture: The Scholes Academy of Adventure and Learning, open 365 days a year.

(We're still working on the name btw....)


  1. LOVE the video! You and your family are incredible, so much love for you all. Is the adventure academy open to all or just Scholes'? :)

  2. Is this a home school academy more people are doing it you know. Especially Christians who don't agree with what is being taught. I can't think of a better equiped trio. Staff include Richard,Esther and God awesome

    Doreen xxxx

  3. Absolutely love the look of your summer, you guys are such an amazing family, and we're so excited about 'SAAL'. Praying that Scooby gets to come back and join the classes asap. We love you guys. So much in my thoughts and prayers. xxx

    Beth xxxx


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