I am a rubbish photographer. I often see potential amazing scenes that are in front of me every single day but I know that in trying to capture them I usually miss the moment by a mile and in trying to reproduce them once the moment has passed I just get cranky children giving me weird looks into the camera.
That’s motherhood I guess. A thousand amazing golden magical moments every day but a brain that’s been turned to mush and is incapable of holding any of them in its memory.
Anyway, these are from a while back (about 18 months ago) and are taken by an amazing photographer with an amazing camera and a tidy background (yes, the three things that I don’t have). Obviously they didn’t make the cut into wall photos but I kept them and saved under the name ‘potential’. I love the story they tell.

 ‘Okay, fantastic positioning. I’ll just adjust the light and the focus, then I need all of you to look at me and smile at the same time.’

‘No no, ignore your daddy making funny faces over there, look this way towards me. And smile.’

‘No really! I’m over here! Scooby, there’s nothing under there, leave the backdrop alone – this way please!’

‘No no! Now two of you are looking and smiling but Rocky has got up – go back! Back! Not you Ace! Come back out from the curtain!’

‘Aargh – it’s too late. We’ve lost the shot and the camera is about to be eaten....’

‘Oh well. I guess we'll go with one instead.’  J

Magic moments can come in so many different ways, but rarely what we are expecting.


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