Christmas Round Up

Christmas was, of course, brilliant. It really can't fail to be anything else with a house full of small people. I feel like Christmas is kind of where I get my come-uppance againist the rest of the world: yes, I know that for the rest of the year other people have luxuries like time to brush hair, peeing alone, clothes free from snot and milk, sleep, sanity and a social life, but Christmas is where I kick ass. Even though a communal bout of flu in the first week of the holidays and a nasty poke in the eye on Christmas Eve threatened the occasion, nothing could really take away from the magic.

The best house on our post-recovery Christmas Eve Eve Christmas Tree Drive-By (now there's an easy way to get them out without really having to get them out):

Our first Christmas Eve Christingle service:

 Christmas Eve magic (not sure who gets more excited at this part, me or the children):

Christmas morning jumping in our beds to open their stockings (it's not the best shot because they don't look very excited, but they were - I just don't want to spend so much time trying to get a great shot that I miss the moment - that's my excuse for my rubbish photography!):

The rest of Christmas Day and Boxing Day was just as it should be; about friends and family. My fabulous husband cooked up a storm for Christmas dinner, we had lots of fun with friends in the afternoon, then we headed to Preston to be with family. It's the most exhasuting and best two days of the year, every year.

Hope you had a fantastic time too!


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