Sprint to the Line

A friend wrote this and put this in my hands a few weeks ago and when I plucked up the nerve to read it, it completely took my breath away. I'm no poetry expert, and I know I'm biased, but in my humble opinion this should be studied in school, Wilfred Owen style, for the way he has managed to mix glory and grief, triumph and tragedy, in such an articulate and accurate way. He has documented our feelings and God's promises better than I ever could.

THIS is the reason we hold all the tighter to our God, and will never quit the race, even if we have to crawl it for a while.

Sprint to the Line

Young brother
grab your gold with an embrace and “well done”
race won, course run
as we struggle on, ragged breath gasp quick with grief
our chests tight and knees weak
in your absence

The story of the crown awaits
eternal laurel alive even as grave wreathes fail and fade

This stopped clock leaves us horror slack as disaster witnesses
a date to divide time for those left behind
This record one we wish not yours, nor another’s
as mute reflection our only response to our overwhelming
and our course stretches all the longer
without you
This medal will weigh our steps with every new hill as a memory never shared, our marathon so long

So take your podium
raised son
Joy boundless guarding you from our grief as your tears are dried, even as ours flow for your snatched moments
precious as counted and found coins for their brevity

We run weak limbed, stumbling to be where you are
to run worthy with ragged knees as you stand
glorious, vigorous and in timeless prime
missed one

We run
with open mouths, our bleeding hearts committed to The One
Who will hold, humble and honour us
too soon, but not soon enough
in victory united by His hand

Anthony Rei, June 2012


  1. Oh. Please tell him thank you from every single one of us who don't have the beautiful words but share the searing pain x

  2. He is a brilliant poet! Fantastic words to describe the heartache. Sharing in your sorrow, missing him, praying for you all, and looking forward with great expectations to what God has for you all further along the race. xxxxxxx


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