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A True Love Story

Once upon a time there was a fantastic kingdom run by a king and queen. They looked after this kingdom every day, tending to its produce, helping its people and serving one another. The castle where they lived was near the source of the river, and this river brought life to the rest of the kingdom. Fields were irrigated by its streams, and every household had easy access to its water for washing, drinking and cooking. 

One day a man was riding in the forest to the north of the kingdom when he came across a pool of water. He stopped to refresh himself and then realised that there was someone else nearby. He spotted a fair maiden sat by the pool, looking at him. She seemed very distressed. 

“What can I do for you?” he asked in concern.

“I am so lonely,’ the maiden answered. “I need someone to help me but I’m all alone.”

The man’s heart went out to her. He came alongside her and offered his help. 

She began to tell him of the many woes that had happened in her life. She had come under great a…

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