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D is for Darkness

Last year we moved house in December. It was a pretty cold and snowy December, which made it awesome for the first morning when we woke up to snow in our garden for the first time ever. But for me that exciting moment was short-lived as the rest of the month, then the next month, and the next one, AND the one after that was full of more cold, ice and snow.

I’m not great with low temperatures anyway (I feel like it gets into all my muscles and makes me ache) but the other thing that really got to me was the darkness. I loved our new house but it felt for those first few months like we were in darkness for most of the time. The older boys were leaving for their train while it was still pitch black outside and arriving back as the sun went down again. I was struggling so much with fatigue that many daylight hours were spent asleep so I missed lots of light.
It was more than that though, it was a frame of mind. I had pinned a lot of hopes onto the move and I knew the whole process of undoin…

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