Lost Harmony

I remember discovering the joy of learning to sing harmony
Realising that I was no longer constrained to the notes that were written
But instead could dance around them
Finding new heights and new depths and new sounds in the music

The pitch of the song no longer mattered
How high the tune reached or how low
All I had to do was find the complementing note
And no song was out of my reach

Without it my voice had wavered uncertainly in solo
Questioning its strength and its ability to hit the right place
And making me want to step away from the spotlight and hide my attempts
For it was quieter than the inner voice that told me I couldn’t

But to sing with another
Who carried the melody strong and undoubting
Meant that I was free to try

Endless possibilities opened
The freedom to try and fail and succeed and succeed and succeed
Reaching for a note and quickly adapting
Split second opportunities to choose differently and to find the right one
As another voice carried the weight of the song
Nobody saw where I faltered
They only heard when I rose and seized the moment to blend
To lift
To complement
To enhance

I could grasp my place in a song in seconds
I didn’t know where it was going but it didn’t matter
I knew in each moment what to do
Where to slide into the space that needed my note
No limits, no fears, only new possibilities

And it made the melody sound all the better
It increased its impact
It sounded firmer and it drew people to its magic
Making a rich strong song
A confident song
That brought joy and comfort and direction to people who heard it

It was my place of truest happiness

And now you have gone
And I have lost my melody

Left with wavering notes that no longer fit or trust themselves to keep singing


  1. To be able to harmonise is to be in a precious and privileged position.

    Yes, that melody has gone. It was truly unique and your harmony blended perfectly with it. The impact and effects of your close harmony cannot, and never will be, forgotten.

    And yet, every song is different.

    Every song is unique, even though all songs are composed from the same set of notes that is available to everyone.

    These same notes will be produced in an unfamiliar order for the foreseeable future and you’re having to get used to the difficult task of sight reading, instead of the natural improvisation that used to fit so well.

    Maybe you’ve got the melody at the moment and others will create the harmony for a while.
    More likely, you’re not even singing just now.

    It’s not the same.
    It can never be the same again.

    But, whether listening to others or taking part, the only way to get to the end of the piece without losing your place is to keep your eye on the Composer and Conductor at all times.
    The dynamics may be loud or quiet but He will keep perfect time, perfect pace and perfect rhythm.

    You will discover your part again.
    Maybe not just yet. Xx

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