Equipment for Life

I love watching the individual attributes in my children; how they make their own path in life and are so passionate about how they approach each adventure.

This weekend we decided to go rockpooling at a nearby beach and although they were all excited, it was all for different reasons. Here’s what they each decided to bring with them in the five minutes they had to get ready:

This girl immediately shouted “I can wear my swimming costume with my fish on it!” and was even more excited when we gave her a sunhat to go with it. Looking the right part in the right place is extremely important to her.

This boy ran upstairs for this swimsuit with floats in, because it would mean he could go deeper and further with it than without it. He isn’t daunted by any challenge he could be engaging with – he likes to face it head on.

This boy straight away went to where we keep the fishing net (I wouldn’t have even known where that was!) and a plastic tub so he could keep all the things he discovered in the rockpools. Interacting with wildlife is one of his top priorities (sometimes I think he prefers creatures to humans).

And this boy went with nothing, partly because he doesn’t like lots of stuff to sort out and organise, but mainly because when you have an imagination like his, you don’t ever need to take anything with you anywhere in order to have a great time and go places you’ve never been before.


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