Six Months

Six months since we last held you.

Six months since the long long battle ended.

Six months for you in eternity.

Six months for us in what feels like eternity.

Six months to regrow, reenvision our future, and pick up life again.

Six months to learn even more about the goodness and faithfulness of God.

Six months for you to know it in full.

Six months to realise that the things we thought we’d never do again were just difficult, not impossible.

Six months to watch your brothers and sister grow and change and develop and soak up the joy they bring.

Six months less to wait till we see you again.

Miss you boy x


  1. I cant even write.... you are toooo special and reading you puts life in such a different perspective. I hope God is holding you tight and that he surprises you every day from now on.... Big kiss


  2. Bad idea reading this on the Metro on the way to work...

    You, my friend, are more beautiful than you imagine. Your boy was more of a treasure than I ever thought possible to hold. Knowing your other princes and princess makes my life more joyful and complete. Thank you for sharing them all with me.

  3. Emma I read it stood on the platform at York station, and struggled :(
    Esther, this is precious. Dear Father God, please let Esther, Richard and family know your divine comfort, power and hope this day. I ask that you would greatly encourage them with as you are building your church in Morecambe. Lord, grow your church, and may you use them to bring much hope and healing in the mighty name of Jesus Christ. x

  4. Six months and we continue to pray xxx

  5. Esther after a bad day at work I came home feeling really sorry for myself and then read this, talk about a kick up the backside and a huge huge dose of Godly perspective. Your words and God's actions so so humbling.
    Thank you xxx

  6. Esther you never cease to amaze me how you can inspire, teach, express yourself and touch the hearts of many, many people with your words.

    Sometimes my friend you are as the song says, beautiful beyond description too marvelous for words.
    Love and hugs

  7. Deborah-Lynn Wilkinson9:48 am, November 24, 2012

    Once again in awe of you, mighty woman of God. And trusting that MY tears will somehow add to YOUR healing.
    Love and blessings. xxxx

  8. I just happened to stumble upon this post....I am speechless! I admire your strength and am thankful for you sharing your heart!


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